Monday, November 16, 2009

Riding to Work

I love longboarding in the fall as long as I can avoid the various debris on the path. I am fortunate to have a very short commute to work (one and a half miles). It means I can get home for lunch and be back in time for the afternoon. Unfortunately, time is precious, and on many days I need to get to the hospital to round, then quickly on to work. Other days I need to respond to emergencies a mile away at the hospital, and I need the speed and reliability of my scooter.

But the last two Mondays I have boarded to work on beautiful, crisp fall mornings. It doesn't get any better than this. And while Mondays tend to be crazy busy and I'll probably be home late, I have a nice ride home to look forward to.


  1. I wish I could ride to work, too far :-( I do take a ride down along the river after work when I can. It's a nice 3-6 mile ride when the weather isn't freezing and windy. I hate winter!!!

    When's the next gathering?

    Herb Mooney

  2. I ride to work everyday! Love it. Great workout, and I take a shower in the office every morning after riding.

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  3. Just started toying with the idea buying or building a longboard to "land paddle" to & fro work, and for fun a bit whenI can't paddle in the water. Been looking around for a longer, heavier board that would be stable for cruising while pushing along with a stick. Thinking the average 40" carver would be a little loose for what I have in mind. Any recommendations? Thanks! -matt

  4. Cool! I'm a nurse. I miss my old job site. I was an ICU nurse at big hospital and worked 12 hour nights. I sailed down the parking garage every night for years, and it was nice and safe in the middle of the night. The elevator ride back to the top made it absolutely luxurious! Now I work in a different hospital, and the parking lot is not as good or as safe (poor visibility). Now I'm finally learning to slide, so I'm actually going out at night after work and practicing on the rainy roads, as I did find a few nice places close to work... I'm 46yo.