Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Sound of the Pump...

The magical sound of the pump, no not the squeaky pivot cup, no not the groans and grunts of old dudes pumping down the road, and no not the lime zigs crunching over gravel, but the actual tunes that ignite the pumping fire!!

So what tunes do LDPers most enjoy when in the midst of their groove? I know fellow RUL member Zach prefers books on tape...seriously. He claimed it was an educational treatise on finance, but we dug through his bag and it was this ....dooohhh!!! Mikey V has musical tastes that run the gamete, so no one can say for sure what might be fueling his stoke, but I personally wouldn't be surprised if the sounds reverberating out of his earphones are those of the truly amazing John Tesh. And well, our own Dr Longboard, he just listens to the voices in his head, scary thought?...maybe...but probably something more to the effect of, "Wow!! It is so quiet and peaceful out here. No sick kids crying, no angry moms whining, no hapless babies coughing, no furious moms cursing, no nurses screaming...." For me, my pumpin fire has lately been ignited by the likes of Groundation, SOJA, Widespread Panic, Chali2 Na, Gift of Gab, just to name a few. So, what ignites your pumpin fire?